Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Buttons Berry returns to Tampa Bay

bringing Easter knowledge from the San Francisco sex school. I missed y'all! Inquire about discounts for mindful gentleman who want to meditate with me and go slow. More updates soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Taoist massage, Nude Nite, plus...I leave in 5 days for the Golden Gate. Visit me this weekend!

From  my Taoist Erotic Massage homework section:

Pleasure itself is healing. Learning to choose pleasure instead of suffering is the first key to erotic empowerment. Pleasure is also a pathway to spirit. As the body relaxes in a full-body massage it releases hormones that facilitate feelings of love, bonding and trust. With sexual stimulation we produce a cascade of powerful endorphins that build a feeling of bliss. This is the biochemistry of ecstasy. With prana pumps engaged by prolonged deep breathing, the heart opens, energy spirals through the chakras, and we can experience ecstatic unity with the divine in ourselves and others. “This is about integrating spirit at the cellular level,” one of my teachers says.

Taoist Erotic Massage was first developed in the1980's by Dr. Joseph Kramer of the Body Electric School. Combining the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Taoist sexual cultivation with the insights of western sexology, psychology and neurobiology, this is a powerful practice that can evolve and integrate body, mind, spirit and emotions. No matter where you are on your personal journey of erotic empowerment, Taoist Erotic Massage is a technology that can assist you in knowing and experiencing your capacity for joy.

Speaking of capacity for joy, my little brother visiting me on spring break and giving me the honor of  telling me about his sacred treatment of his first condom (where he keeps it, why, the timeline and the totem that it holds for him....)

And, these photos from Nude Nite last week, in Ybor City, with my beautiful NightOwl client.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Two more weeks before I go to CA...come see me and make me miss you when I'm gone!

I want a bird nest and.or fuschia tinselly bush! Meanwhile, I can't believe I will be in San Francisco while Coco and Homo's Sexxx Dreams is premiering in St. Pete. At least I get to go to Nude Nite tomorrow, with a fabulous friend.

When I get back from CA--if I can break away from San Francisco again--I'll be reinventing le bB as an immersive art experience.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Only 3 weeks left to schedule with bB

Hello my raunchy unicorns,

Keep in mind
--Only 3 weeks left to schdeule with me before I am gone for quite a while
--After I return from San Francisco with my sexological body work certification,  my focus and donation structure will chang/
-- I'm realy looking forward to doing more hands-on erotic education with couples. So, for a limited time, couples get an array of discounts and extras. Call me to find out.
--Along those lines, any appropriate client who wants to introduce me to the world of Caliente or Eyez Wide Shut gets a no-donations date.
--And I have a new Facebook

Favorite quote from this week's sex school reading

The rhythms, movements, breathing and touching of the erotic massage dance are directed by the receiver. The role of the giver is to play off of the receiver's dance of breath and movement while massaging the receiver's genitals. The receiver sets the rhythm. The giver weaves in and out of that rhythm. The giver also listens to and responds to the receiver’s guidance and requests. Most importantly, the giver assists the receiver in staying in the present moment."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Slumber party with bB, Weds or Thursday only!

I am reveling, absolutely reveling in my Sexological Bodywork studies and a classmate has just found us a very cheap condo in San Francisco for our in-person intensive!

Here is a snippet from our assigned readings that nearly made my heart explode with confirmation:

Coming to the Revolution

If we want a revolution, liberating our sexuality is the place to start. No matter what else people do to wage political or social rebellion - be it from oppressive governments, the psychology of advertising, racism, sexism, repressive religion, or corporations that are rapidly colonizing our minds and destroying the planet - any revolution that is not a sexual revolution at its heart will fail. Sex energy is the spark of life. It is the calling of eternity. Sex energy is the infallible compass within us always pointing in the direction of life and freedom, orienting us toward reality. 
Let's plan our revolutions and have a slumber party!

So, here's the deal. My roommate is away Wednesday and Thursday night this week, so I can offer special gentleman or couples an overnight. This can include

--Drinks at a fun downtown St. Petersburg bar
--Dinner. Thai, sushi, Americana, Italian are all within blocks of my condo.
--Stargazing on my roofdeck
--A trip to the nearby exotic dance club, Lust
--A visit to an art gallery
--Dessert at my place
--Tantric massage and lengthy session
--Your feedback on my erotic homework!
--Towels, shower and comfy queen-sized bed.

Let me know how you would like me to create our itinerary.

8pm - 9am, $1000 for individual or $800 for couple.
Special discount and continuing offers for couples only.

727 280 6778 No texts please.

In the morning, we can read the paper in bed!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not sure about bB? Meet and Greet with bB at local party next Saturday

Join my special mailing list by sending an email to, subject line: Subscrbe. And then, find out how you can see me FOR FREE at a local swingers' party on Feb. 15! Lots of consensul, casaul, educational fun in Clearwatrr, close to Diamond Dolls.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Buttons Berry in new calendar, tantra doors and more

I am still recovering from Gasparilla.

Certainly, I am one for local folklore and all, but really, isn't it just a festival in which Cap'n Morgan invades Tampa Bay in search of the Cuervo Gold and booty?

No really, it was very funny--the first one since I've been back from Cali. I tried to teach little girls standing next to me during the parade the proper way to act wildly charming, not gross, and still get beads. The 6-year-old was unimpressed by my vaudeville routine.

In other news, I am really thrilled with the promo image created for my first erotic entertainer memoir story. It appears in in Brooklyn's Prose and Lore. I wanted to write the story under Buttons Berry, but I had to honor the performer/bodyworker I was in California, where this particular account takes place, so I went with the Aura Luz moniker. Anyways, Tampa's Creative Loafing blurbs the new issue as "one of the top ten most provocative books", which is pretty fucking cool since I didn't think it would get Tampa attention.

"Buttons Berry" is however, very much present in this new calendar, put together by my friend Rafe Biggs, a paraplegic who uses imagination, breath control and energy to orgasm through his thumb. This calendar rides the crest of a wave, in terms of society understanding disability, endorphins and sexuality. You can order a copy at

Oh, but going back to my use of the name Aura Luz--a name which refers to energy fields and chakras--I just have to give a shout out to a recent client who helped me change my mind about tantra. While I am an energy worker and a poet who has a certain air of woo-wooery, my suspicion about tantra was that it was elitist *expensive classes, etc), spiritually exclusive (more tantric than thou!) was just plasticky appropriation of Eastern ideas. That may sometimes be true, in the way "tantra" is used to market, but this client I had the other day, in his humble, easy-going way, completely opened a door for me into tantra and I cna't wait to work on more tantra journeys with other folks.